Call for Abstracts

Tough & Excellent Cases (Call for Cases)

The TOPIC 2020 invites abstracts for program titled "Tough & Excellent Cases", which will be a case presentation of intervention.

Programme Schedule

Date: 2nd July - 4th July, 9:00 - 18:00  
Hall: Hall F, B2 Foyer  

Submission guidelines

1. All cases should be submitted electronically via the website.
2. Maximum number of words per abstract is 300.
3. Cases must be submitted by the 1st of April, 2020 (Deadline).
4. 4. The number of abstracts that can be submitted is one only.
If you submit more then one, all submissions will be automatically rejected.
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Acceptance & Notification

1. Submitters will receive email notification of the result of their application by the beginning of June. The notification will include the presentation schedule. You cannot choose the presentation date and time. Also, we do not replace the date and time in any cases.
2. An invitation letters will be sent to presenters.
3. There will be no participation fee for presenters. However, we cannot cover any travel, accommodation or financial expenses, as we unfortunately do not have the funds to support participants. Also, we can not assist with your itinerary, nor can we support visa applications or act as a guarantor.
4. Presentation time is 10 minutes per person including entry and exit time.
5. The presenters’ abstracts will appear on the TOPIC app.


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