Dear all,

TOPIC 2019 was very successful with more than 3,000 attendees, the largest number of participants ever recorded. We are very grateful for your support and cooperation, which made an essential contribution to the success of TOPIC 2019. TOPIC has evolved and matured over time based on the firm beliefs and commitment shared by the four course directors. It will be the 17th conference in 2020, with more course directors being involved since 2018. We are going to make greater efforts to pass TOPIC on to the next generation and to transmit our skills to young interventionists.

Toward TOPIC 2020, we are exploring how we can brush up our established programs further and better adapt them for educational purposes. As one method, we are planning to increase the number of live demonstration sessions in TOPIC 2020. In the past, we have only used Hall A to broadcast live PCI demonstrations from two intervention rooms, but we will use more halls for such sessions next time. Using more halls will allow more PCI cases to be broadcast live, offering greater opportunities to directly learn the techniques of senior interventionists. We are sure that this will help to develop the next generation of interventionists.
To rejuvenate the organization, we have also been shuffling the TOPIC directors and faculty members by generation since 2018. We would like TOPIC to evolve further by boosting younger physicians in this way.

By holding live demonstrations in two halls for the first time, we are going to take another step forward at TOPIC 2020. We are sure that you will like this new session style and we would really appreciate your participation next year.

Best regards.

Dec., 2019

TOkyo Percutaneous cardiovascular Intervention Conference

  Course Directors
  Yasushi Asakura, M.D
  Hakujikai Memorial Hospital
  Yoshiaki Ito
  Saiseikai Yokohama-city Eastern Hospital
  Toshiya Muramatsu, M.D
  Tokyo Heart Center
  Masato Nakamura, M.D
  Toho University Ohashi Medical Center
  Masahiko Ochiai, M.D
  Showa University Northern Yokohama Hospital